Zoom Ordering Features

Create Recurring
Online Sales

Keep your customers ordering directly from you again and again. Stop paying huge fees to third party services for customers that already want to order from you. Give them the direct online ordering experience they deserve. 

Online Menu Builder

Create unlimited menus to feature on your site. Create dish variations like a small or large pasta dish, give your customers choices like an included soup or salad or charge for add-ons, like pizza toppings. The possibilities are endless and flexible enough to work with any menu type. 

Beautifully Designed Ordering Page

Have our professional design team show your best side. Update your site if you want – or have us manage it for you. Your page features your photos, menu, latest Instagram feed and more!

Payment Processing

We'll handle the online payment processing. We pay out out on a two-day rolling basis straight to your bank – standard with all accounts. Customers can pay with all major credit cards – Visa, MaterCard, Discover, American Express and more.

Great on Any Device

Your site is mobile responsive – which is a fancy way to say that it works great on your computer, tablet and mobile devices. This is super important since 69% of users order food from their mobile devices and 30% of all local searches on mobile devices are for restaurants. Fine tune your restaurant online presence and be where customers are looking. 

Multi-Location Support

Whether you have a single store or many locations across the country, we've got you covered. Customers can select the location closest to them during checkout. You can also set a delivery distance so that you are only accepting delivery orders close to your location.

Stay Up To Date

It's frequent for prices to change, specials to be added and dishes come and go during changing seasons. If this information is not online, you're missing business opportunities and sales. With Zoom Ordering, keep this information updated as fast as you move. We'll check-in daily, weekly, or monthly to update your website or if you prefer, you can easily do this yourself.


We use military-grade encryption to secure payment information, and no payment information is ever stored on our system – period. Your site is always secured with an SSL Certificate which ensures that your customers can connect securely to your site. We conduct regular malware scans and are regularly monitoring our systems. We've got security covered so you don't need to think twice. 

Get Your Own Domain

Every great place should have a great website address. That's why we've included a free domain name with our major packages. If you already have a domain name, that's fine too. We can easily help you integrate your domain with our systems. 

Not quite sure yet?

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